Hurricane Harvey Information Release

The purpose of this release is to inform the public of what Harris County Municipal District No. 368 (the “District”) did to prepare for the storm, the actions that were taken during the storm, particularly in the Northern Point detention pond (the “Detention Pond”), and the summary of events discussed at the September 7, 2017, regular Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m., at Graceview Baptist Church.

Hurricane Harvey Information Release (PDF)

Limited Trash Service Thursday, 8/31

Best Trash will be resuming trash collection on a limited basis tomorrow Thursday 8/31. It will be dependent on how many Best Trash employees can safely get to work and which areas are accessible. Best Trash is temporarily suspending recycle service to use the additional trucks and crews to collect trash. The primary focus will be the household garbage. Heavy trash will be very limited for the next week.

Please be patient as Best Trash will do their best. Please refer to the Best Trash website for updates.