Northern Point Drainage & Improvement FAQs

Question: Did the Northern Point Stormwater Pump Station pumps work throughout the duration of the storm?
Answer: The pumps were fully operational throughout the duration of the storm.

Question: Has anyone looked into the drainage from SH-99 (Grand Parkway)?
Answer: The Engineer has reviewed the drainage plans for the Grand Parkway near Northern Point Subdivision and attended a field meeting with a TxDOT representative on October 3, 2017 to discuss potential drainage issues. We are currently working with TxDOT to improve the grading near the bridge at Hufsmith-Kohrville Road and the Grand Parkway.

Question: What is the plan to improve drainage conditions for Northern Point Subdivision?
Answer: The Engineer has prepared a list of options to improve drainage conditions for Northern Point Subdivision, which have been presented at a Harris County M.U.D. No. 368 Board Meeting. The report is accessible on the District’s website by downloading the Board Meeting Minutes and/or Exhibits. These minutes and exhibits can be found under the following web address: The projects will be subject to agency acceptance and financial feasibility. If the projects are determined to be financially feasible, the Engineer will be coordinating with multiple agencies for approval of the proposed improvements, including Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, TxDOT, etc.

Question: What is the timeline of the proposed improvements?
Answer: Many of the proposed improvement plans are dependent upon completion of design and construction timelines by other agencies. A portion of the improvements are in conjunction with the widening of Hufsmith-Kohrville Road, which is preliminarily scheduled for construction to begin in the first quarter of 2019. The improvements that are deemed financially feasible and that do not depend on other entities and construction activities are planned to be completed as soon as design is complete and funding is available, such as the Extreme Event Swales to Serve Northern Point Subdivision project which will was under construction as of November 2017.

Question: Does Ashford Grove Subdivision’s detention basin drain into Northern Point?
Answer: Ashford Grove’s runoff is collected in the detention basin just south of Log Cabin Lane and eventually drains into Northern Point Detention Basin. Before Ashford Grove Subdivision was developed, this land naturally drained towards Northern Point. When Northern Point Subdivision was designed, they were required to detain the existing flow from this land. Similarly, Northern Point’s runoff is collected in the Northern Point Detention Basin, which drains to the detention basin serving Three Lakes East.

Question: Why is the Northern Point Detention Pond pumped detention instead of a gravity outfall basin?
Answer: Due to the land surrounding Northern Point Subdivision being at a higher elevation than Northern Point, the Northern Point Basin is not high enough to allow gravity outfall into the outfall location.

Question: Is there an option to have a gravity extreme event release from the Northern Point Detention Basin?
Answer: The Engineer is looking at the possibility of designing an extreme event release point to serve the Northern Point Detention Basin. This would require cooperation with TxDOT, Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, and the BNSF Railway Company.