Wastewater Treatment Facilities Expansion

Harris County MUD No. 368 is in the process of expanding their existing wastewater treatment facilities. The existing wastewater treatment plant is located at 19744 ½ Logan Briar Road. The plant is responsible for treating the wastewater produced by the MUD’s customers to a level that is considered acceptable by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for discharge into the existing drainage channel.

Since the construction of the original wastewater treatment plant, there have been three subsequent expansions. This current expansion will be the fifth and final planned expansion of this facility. Expansions of the wastewater treatment facilities have allowed the MUD to accept additional new customers expanding the MUD’s tax base. This expansion of the tax base is what has allowed the MUD to continuously lower its tax rate each year.

The construction activities are anticipated to begin in early December and are expected to continue for approximately one year. The activities will include vehicle traffic in and out of the plant site. There will be construction equipment onsite throughout the duration of the project, including excavation equipment, cranes, concrete trucks, dirt hauling trucks, and other associated equipment.

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding the construction activities, please contact IDS Engineering Group at 713-462-3178.