Rehabilitation Project

Harris County MUD No. 368 is in the process of rehabilitating the infrastructure at the Water Plant No. 1 site located at 19412 ½ Scarlett Cove. The water plant has three steel ground storage tanks which are responsible for storing the treated water that is sent to the customers within the MUD. In order to ensure water quality standards are met and to extend the longevity of the storage tanks and associated infrastructure, the MUD has a regular inspection and maintenance program for each water plant. 

The rehabilitation project includes protective coatings for the steel interior and exterior surfaces of the storage and pressure tanks at the project site, as well as some structural modifications to ensure the facilities are up to date with current codes and regulations. This work will require vehicle and construction equipment movement and activity in and out of this facility. This construction activity is anticipated to last through February 2023.

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding the construction activities, please contact IDS Engineering Group at 713-462-3178.