Lead and Copper Testing

The District is currently conducting routine sampling per EPA regulations for lead and copper. There are only a limited number of samples that are required.

For those residents we will deliver a bottle to your front door that has instructions on how to obtain the sample from your kitchen faucet. The sample bottle will be a one-quart plastic bottle and will have specific instructions attached.

The notice also has our contact number 281-374-8989, if you have any questions.

Once we receive the results from the State approved testing facility, we will mail you the results.

Tax Rate Notice

The Harris County MUD #368 tax rate has decreased for 2019 to $0.68/$100 valuation. Statements will be mailed by 11/15/19. You can view, print, and pay your taxes online at www.bli-tax.com.

Bob Leared Interests (the district’s tax assessor/collector) has no affiliation with DOXO.COM.